At The 414 Company, we believe in the power of personal branding for real estate agents.

In today's fast-paced digital world, you need a personal brand and website that represents that brand. Gone are the days when buyers and sellers cared about what brokerage you are affiliated with. The one-page agent bio provided by your brokerage isn't enough to convince buyers and sellers to work with you. Buyers and sellers want to know the unique value or offer you bring to the table.

your personal brand

What do core identity, consistent content, and amplification have in common?

Shout your success from the rooftops. "Success begets success" has never been more true than in the real estate industry. People want to work with professionals who are successful. As Ryan Serhant says, "check your ego at the door, shout your success from the rooftops". You have your core identity, consistent content plan, and now its time to never shut up about it. Use your website, email campaigns, and social platforms to let everyone know what you're up to all the time. When buyers and sellers in your area are thinking of real estate you want them to be thinking of you. 



Take your core identity and create content to put on social media consistently. Buyers and sellers don't need you to educate them on all things real estate, they could just look up all the information they need online. But they want to listen to you because they like your face, voice, humor, mannerisms, etc... (and). No one likes door knocking and cold calling but agents do them because they're free. But social media is also free, use it. Create a plan using your core identity, implement your plan, stay consistent, and watch leads find you in your sleep. 

consistent content


So you're a real estate agent ... and? 
You're a real estate agent and *insert distinguishing factor*. Your core identity is what separates you from the other thousand + agents in your market. Your core identity is your and. You're a real estate agent and you love interior design. You're a real estate agent and you speak 3 languages. You're a real estate agent and you love classic cars. Figure out your and, then own and amplify it.

core identity


according to ryan serhant

personal brand recipe



Websites built for ambitious real estate agents ready to expand their influence. 

Your website is a representation of you as a real estate agent.
Showit makes it easy to bring your brand to life & our templates make it even easier.